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Privacy policy
Hotel & Winery Señorío de Nevada

The current Website intends to facilitate access to information about the different hotels under the group name Hotel & Winery Señorío de Nevada, either as property, management, renting, franchise or association, as well as the products or services that can be currently offered by Insignia.

(i) The use of this Website gives you the conditions of a user ("User"), which implies adherence to the present conditions in the version published at the time you access it. The condition of User enforces that you do not use the contents contained in this Website for any illegal activities. The User will be responsible for any damages or prejudice that Hotel & Winery Señorío de Nevada may suffer as result of the breach of any of the conditions of this contract.

(ii) It is categorically prohibited to use this Website in contradiction or violation of the conditions here established. Hotel & Winery Señorío de Nevada is authorized to deny access to the current Website to any Users who fails to observe these conditions. The present conditions are subject to change and modification at any time, therefore, the User will have to read them whenever they access the Website.

(iii) The information contained in this Web page (the "Information"), is currently in force on the date of its last updating and must be considered as an introductory information for the User relative to products and services and other information contained in this Website, without guarantees of any type (express or implicit). The User can confirm the date of the updating of the information, if required, through the e-mail address available on this Website. Hotel & Winery Señorío de Nevada takes no responsibility for the contents and commercial services or any other kind of Websites that can be linked through this Website, directly or indirectly on this site. Hotel & Winery Señorío de Nevada will not be liable for modifications, suspensions or interruptions that any other suppliers may make. Also, the fact that on this Website there may be references to other products, services, companies, etc., belonging to third parties, it does not constitute recommendation of such third parties from Insignia. The User is acknowledges and accepts that Hotel & Winery Señorío de Nevada does not have any obligation over the contents transmitted by the Users or by the contents suppliers of the current Website, except in the case were it is required by legal applicable norms or by a legal juridical mandate.

(iv) Hotel & Winery Señorío de Nevada does not guarantee that the text, graphs, links or any other content of this Website are exact or complete, due to the possibility of typing errors or inconsistencies contained within the Information or between the version of its brochures and other written documentation and the rest of the Information. Also, GH Hotel sreserves the right to carry out changes, corrections, improvements and additions to the Information and/or to the products, services, activities or programmes that appear or can appear in the Website without previous warning.

(v) The access to this Website, as well as the use of the Information is of exclusive responsibility of the User, without been Hotel & Winery Señorío de Nevada being responsible for any consequence, damage or prejudice that could derive from the access to the Website or from the use of the Information or rest of the elements that appear in the Website. Hotel & Winery Señorío de Nevadareserves the right to interrupt the access to its Website, as well as rendering any or all contents served thought this at any moment without previous notice. This interruption could have temporary or definitive character. Consequently, Hotel & Winery Señorío de Nevada does not guarantees the reliability, the availability neither the continuity of its Website nor of the contents, reason why the use of such by the User is carried out under their own responsibility and risk, without, any liability to Insignia. In the same way, Hotel & Winery Señorío de Nevada does not accept responsibility for the possible interruptions of the service, delays, errors, wrong functioning and, in general, other disadvantages that could have their origin in causes that are not under their control, and could be as consequence of action of the User and/or causes beyond Insignia’s control is defined by the norms and Spanish law. Whatever the case, whichever it is its cause, Hotel & Winery Señorío de Nevada will not assume responsibility, caused by direct or indirect damages, emergent damage and/or by diminished profit. Hotel & Winery Señorío de Nevada will have right to temporarily suspends the services and contents of the Website to conduct maintenance operations, improvement or repairs of it, without having obligation to compensate the User for these interruptions.

(vi) Hotel & Winery Señorío de Nevada excludes and declines any responsibility that could derive from the transmission of information between Users or from the manifestations spread by these in its Website, and does not accept responsibility for technical or mechanical failures produced by computer equipment during the connection to Internet. Also, Hotel & Winery Señorío de Nevada will be exonerated of any responsibility derived from the transmission of virus or consequential damages caused by third parties who, access the Website without authorisation.

(vii) The personal data that the User enters when joining any of these services offered on the Website could be incorporated to automated existing files in Insignia. In fulfilment of the established norm, prior to the collection of the data from the User, will be informed of the existence of file for this purpose, the rights of access, rectification and cancellation, of the identity and address of the person in charge of the treatment, as well as the rest of the legally established requirements. Thus, Hotel & Winery Señorío de Nevada guarantees the fulfilment of Organic law 15/99, of 13 of December, about Protection of Personal data.

(viii) All contents of this Website, including pictures, texts, designs, animations, or any other content or elements of it, software specifically developed and codes in, PHP, JAVA, JAVA language, Script, HTML or Activates X, or others, is the property of Insignia. It is strictly prohibited to copy, use, reproduce, distribute or communicate in any way the Information and the remaining elements that appear in the Website, as well as its distribution, modification, alteration or de-compilation. In spite of the previous prohibition this will not apply to wholesale or retail agents, and other suppliers that previously ask Hotel & Winery Señorío de Nevada the necessary authorization, as long as the indicated authorization had been granted in writing by Insignia.

(ix) The booking of hotels beds made by the User through the present Website will not be guaranteed if the data relative to the credit card with which the indicated reservation is made, are not correct.

(x) The present conditions will be governed by the Spanish law. For this reason, in case been in some country where the law limits the access to Web pages of similar characteristics to one of Insignia’s, the User is not be authorized to access the contents. Hotel & Winery Señorío de Nevada and the User, with express regard to the law which could apply to them, will irrevocably submit to the Courts of the city of Madrid (Spain) for the resolution of any dispute in relation to the present conditions and the Website.

(xi) The pictures corresponding to the destination of Hotel & Winery Señorío de Nevada will not be reproduced under any circumstances, copy their rights and having being transferred.

(xii) The pictures of Hotel & Winery Señorío de Nevada properties including in this page Web and the data base of pictures, will not be reproduce without the written consent of the Communication Department of Hotel & Winery Señorío de Nevada.