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Cellar and Wine Tasting
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It is well known that Andalusia lost its red wine tradition. It was believed, according to an ancient and popular legend, that the high temperature conditions during the Andalusian summers, were not suitable for this wine variety to reach good quality levels. However, they forgot that Andalusia is a region with a rich and varied geography. In the province of Granada the snow-capped Sierra Nevada mountains together with the Mediterranean Sea create a unique micro-climate that we can find in the valleys of South-Western Spain.

Our 21-hectare  wine cellar extends to the limits of the natural and historical region of La Alpujarra, which lies approximately 650 meters above the sea level.  This high-mountain slaty soil presents a large quantity of minerals and enjoys this marvellous micro-climate, due to the combination of Sierra Nevada's climatic factors, the sea and the three rivers that shape this land's layout. Due to this particular orography, during the grape maturity season temperatures fluctuate between 35 °C during the day and 12 ºC or 14 °C at night. That's why the grape harvest takes place in October, after a long and rain-free maturing period, blessed with a radiant sun. 
Once the preliminary analysis of the soil and the climate were carried out, the vineyard was restructured and a trellis system was set up to grow internationally known wine varieties such as SYRAH, MERLOT and CABERNET SAUVIGNON. We also decided to recover a local wine variety called TEMPRANILLO, used in the past by local winegrowers to colour their musts. Our wines are made using these unique varieties. These wines are currently being studied by one of the most prestigious oenological centres of Bordeaux, to verify their performance this side of southern Europe.
The wine cellar room was totally renovated. The old huge concrete jars were replaced by large stainless steel tanks, equipped with a cooling and nitrogen equipment. the rest of the wine cellar equipment was also renovated, event creating a must aeration line. Right after finishing this phase, we started to build the underground aging wine cellar, where the American and French oak barrels and the bottle containers are kept, thus closing the ageing process.

Cellar tours
A guided tour from the grapevine to the bottle, going over our wines' elaboration places and processes. Includes the tasting of all of these attentions' result: our wine.

Visits take place on Saturdays and Sundays at 12 pm and sundaes at 11:00 am. in English and at 12:30 in Spanish, on previous reservation only, either by phone (+34 958 777 092) or via e-mail:

Available in English and Spanish (subject to availability). Price: 14€ per person (VAT included ) with a single type of wine tasting, or € 18,00 (VAT included) if you prefer to taste three of our varieties.

Wine Tasting Course

When the afternoon comes, the smells and noises in the vinyard become more clear and are the perfect starting point for a tasting. That is why we recommend you to participate at this month's edition that will thake place the Saturday 22nd at 6:30 PM.

Discover the secrets of wine, from its elaboration and ageing process to the knowledge, to the acknowledgement, through our senses, of its multiple bouquets, textures and flavours. A complete range of wines from our Cellar are tasted and discussed.

The Initiation Course takes 2 hours.
They take place once every month from 6 pm to 8 pm (please contact us to know the exact date).
Prior registration (limited places) by phone: +34 958 777 092 or e-mail (the reservation is not valid until receipt of confirmation) 

Price: 29'50€ per person (VAT included) 

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