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Organizing your events in Hotel & Winery Señorío de Nevada means to organize the perfect event. Both hosts and guests will always remember it with a smile on their faces. Cellars and lounges, patios and terraces have become an example of excellence with an unforgettable atmosphere. Spaces of different sizes and different features to fit every need.


The catering service of the events takes place at the hotel's restaurant, which ensures an excellent service.

The menus have been carefully elaborated by our kitchen staff.  Their aim is to highlight the quality and the excellence of our products and to give our careful cuisine a touch of class.


385 m²

It was renovated in 1996 following the architecture from Granada and its surroundings.
It was renovated again in 2008 in order to improve the space and the design.

The cellar has a high wooden coffered ceiling and is surrounded by magnificent windows that light up the entire room.
 It has 18 large arches, 10 tall columns and large windows that let enjoy the wonderful view of the gardens, the vineyards and the mountains of Sierra Nevada, in front of Pico del Caballo.

Location: in the cellar.
Features: Interior and soundproofed, with excellent acoustics and beautiful view.

  • Banquet: 280
  • Cocktail: 380
  • School: 210
  • Imperial: 330


454 m²

Situated in the cellar overlooking our Cabernet Sauvignon grapevines. It stands out for its modernist, functional and open design with fantastic natural wood and stainless steel trusses, giving a rustic yet very modern atmosphere.

It also boasts large windows overlooking most of the property's vineyards. A lounge that has been completely equipped with acoustic and audiovisual means, perfect for bespoke celebrations, events, corporate meetings, dinners, shows, etc.

Location: in the cellar.

  • Banquet: 350
  • Cocktail: 445
  • School: 500
  • Theatre: 325


150 m²

Former maturing cellar. In 1996 the vineyard and the cellar where renovated and this maturing cellar was built. It is located in the basement, built with old bricks and local stone, with wide stone arches and nearly 5.000 bottle niches. All of this is laid out creating a beautiful design.

There is also a ambient lighting system decorated with a grape and vine motif. Location: in the cellar, situated in the subsoil inner zone, in a square room.

  • Banquet: 90
  • Cocktail: 140
  • School: 75
  • Theatre: 100