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Señorío de Nevada Restaurant: a feast for your senses.

Imagine an organic, bright space overlooking endless vineyards and snow-capped peaks, under a prodigious Mediterranean light. Imagine that, in that precise instant, you perceive the aroma of the earth wet after the rain, and the flavour of the mushrooms of the forest, the texture turned into flavour of the scallops or the tenderness of the slow-cooked beef.
The restaurant Señorío de Nevada is a feast for your senses, where our chef has made a holistic gastronomic experience to come true.

During November and December, the opening times of our restaurant change:
From Sunday to Thursday open from 7.30 pm to 10 pm.
Friday and Saturday the dinner hours are from 8.30 pm to 11 pm.



The kitchen staff is always working tirelessly in order to offer the costumers new sensations such as enjoying delicious forest mushrooms early in the morning, savouring little pieces of the Mediterranean or even having the opportunity to taste the sweetness of this wonderful landscape.

Our philosophy when creating all these sensations is: “The kitchen becomes an art space for the senses, when it is flooded with affection”.

This is the way we intend to give you an unforgettable experience discovering our funny and exciting cuisine. Enjoy our starters , that are full of unexpected colours and textures and our main courses elaborated with traditional dishes that have been adapted and prepared following new techniques. We respect the flavour as well as the aroma in order to achieve what we have called “purest form”.

<b>THE MENU</b>


The menu has been created with care and dedication by the members of our professional and exceptional kitchen staff.PDF)